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Well let me make something perfectly clear: No matter what you think you know right now, it’s not enough.

Sorry to say, but YOU are not fully armed with the necessary knowledge required to choose a web designer. However, if you are still reading this, you are probably wondering why I made such a bold statement. It’s simple. As the owner of a professional Web Design Company, I assumed it would be easy to put myself in your shoes and choose a designer – after all, who would know better than me who’s good and who’s not? But, boy was I wrong! I did exactly what you’re doing right now- going from website to website, requesting quote after quote until I drowned in a sea of doubt and confusion!


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So many web design companies on the internet are offering the same services and saying the same thing; and it’s awfully difficult to know which one to pick – even for a guy like me! That’s when I decided that it is crucial that I make things EASY FOR YOU so I can save you from a similar horrible fate!

After weeks of research and talking to literally hundreds of website and graphic design companies, I compiled a list of “the most IMPORTANT things to look for that will SAVE YOU from getting thrown into the street and pan caked by a monster truck…”

Are you looking for a good Website Designer?
Always be on the look out for these crucial elements:


Check for portfolio and samples Number of years in business***
A growing active portfolio Works with Adobe programs
Can cater to your unique needs Willing to work with your own ideas
Willing to sign a contract Enforces strict deadlines
Requires only a 50% deposit up front Available for emergencies
Provides you with a copy of all files Knowledgeable in design & layout

*** 9 out of every 10 new web design companies go out of business in the first year.

What do you think will happen to your business if you choose the wrong company? So now you know what to look for, don’t end up as road kill!

But we’re not done yet… Now for the Big Kahuna Question that we know YOU want the answer to…

“How Much Should I Pay For My Website?”

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